Facilities At SMC Fashion Department

The SMC Fashion department periodically takes its students on field trips to see how real-world designers, manufacturers and merchandisers operate. Here are a few photos from some recent field trips. The students were so excited to learn about these opportunities and really valued the exposure to the corporate headquarters and design houses of the companies. We really had such a great time!! They all received internship brochures which had the College Relations Specialist's business card attached and were able to ask many questions. Here are what some of the students are saying: Extra credit BCBG fieldtrip – Emma Regnér "The most memorable moment I remember from the fieldtrip at BCBG was first of all, when they introduced the company and informed us about the internships they have. They really catched my attention immediately because I have always wanted to do an internship at any of the big fashion chains. It was really interesting to hear about; how they got their jobs and what they are looking for when you are applying for an internship. They really inspired me to do an internship, because it did not seem too hard to get it. I have always thought it is very difficult to be an intern at any of the most successful brands, but now I really going to work for it. Another thing that really inspired me was when we walked in to the design building where a lot of girls were sitting in front of their computers with clothes, handbags and accessories by their side and were working on different fashion tasks. BCBG looked exactly the same as in the TV-shows “The City” and “The Hills” were a lot of successful girls work at famous fashion headquarters that really has inspired me, so it was really fun to see it in real world."